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Slow Feed Cat Bowl

Melina Slow Feed Cat Bowl



Made from high grade ceramic, the Melina slow feed cat bowl is designed with spiraling grooves to slow rapid eating. 

The minimal, shallow design is both whisker-friendly and suitable for wet or dry food, making it a great choice for any portion-controlled meal. Slightly elevated, the bowl makes eating easier, improving digestion by removing the need for crouching too low while eating. A slight outer edge helps keep food inside the dish, keeping cleanup to a minimum.

This slow feed cat bowl will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen space, on its own or paired with the matching Zoe cat bowl.

Available in two versatile colours. Limited quantities available only.

- Spiraled grooves
- Gloss finish
- Whisker-friendly design
- Slight outer edge to keep food inside the dish
- Elevated to improve digestion
- Dishwasher safe

Material: Ceramic

6" Diameter x 2" Height

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Blue and Eddie's Noots

Dear Noots, thanks so much for these wonderful bowls, designed especially well for cats who tend to eat too fast. These bowls work! And, they look good, too.! Thanks, again, from Eddie and Blue

Slow-Eating Bowl

The bowl is well constructed and looks nice. However, the bowl lacks a raised outer lip so my cat has figured out he can push the food on the floor and eat it that way. While I suppose it *technically* results in him eating slower, he now just makes a mess that I have to look out for.

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Melina Slow Feed Cat Bowl



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