About Us

Noots is a modern pet brand founded from the desire for premium cat products that look great and work well. Our products are thoughtfully designed with you and your pets needs in mind.

Our Story

Hi Josephine here, Founder of Noots!

Our journey began after I brought home a playful Russian Blue kitten who I named Noots.

As a first-time cat owner, I quickly learned that design-friendly, quality cat products are hard to find. A new wave of modern pet retailers has emerged however, offers limited options if any, for cats.

My desire for premium goods led to an obvious need to design attractive, quality pet products - that both I and my cat love. An Engineer by profession, with an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, it was a natural fit. I launched Noots with a simple mission; to offer sophisticated, high-quality cat products for design enthusiasts and their pets.

Today, we offer a growing collection of cat products to meet your pet's needs while complimenting your home and style. Follow us as we recreate and modernize traditional pet products. 


Our Brand

Minimalist Design

Less is more. Every detail of our designs serves a functional and visual purpose, catering to both you and your cat's needs. We design products for the modern home.

Quality Obsessed

Quality Obsessed

Sustainable pet products begin with quality materials that can stand the test of time. Our products are well-made for extensive cat use.

We selectively partner with factories that manufacture our products with care, so you can give your pet the best.

Feline First

Feline First

Each one of our designs begins with the need to satisfy cat's physical and instinctual needs, effectively improving their lives. Our products are thoroughly cat-tested and approved.