• - Spiraled grooves
    - Gloss finish
    - Whisker-friendly design
    - Slight outer edge to keep food inside the dish
    - Elevated to improve digestion
    - Dishwasher safe

    Material: Ceramic

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I got two of these for my kittens. The design looks nice, not as practical as I hoped for use with wet food, but I'm glad to be using elevated bowls for them now. However, I have only gently hand washed these and a central ridge is already chipped beyond the glaze on one of them. No idea how it happened. They're still nice enough.

robyn roberts
Not really doing the trick

The grooves needed to be a lot deeper to slow my kitty down.

Sandy I.
Not slow enough for my grown cats

These slow-feeder bowls are handsome and easy to clean. And my cats can't bite off bits, or yank them around, the way they do with silicone licking mats and other devices that they can get their teeth into.

I bought them for wet food, in the hope that by slowing all my cats down, I could feed my fast eaters and my slow eaters together. And also keep the gobblers from throwing it back up.

The problem, however, is that I wish the grooves were deeper. I can't squish much food into the grooves -- only about an ounce or so. I can fill the bowls up flat, but that defeats the purpose. And I don't want to keep refilling them, or feed my cats many times a day.

I foster cats, and these bowls will be great for the small kittens, who don't eat much at a sitting. Or for the occasional quick snack. But I'll have to keep looking for a general solution for the bigger guys.

Steve Loeffler
It works!

It effectively works to slow down the speed that my cat eats. She spends time chasing the food around the bowl but it doesn’t slow her enough to get her frustrated. I’ve already ordered 2nd bowl!

Beautiful bowls! Bigger than I thought they would be. Cats love them!

My cats love them! The bowls are pretty and I love that they are elevated.

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