• - Gloss finish
    - Whisker-friendly
    - Chip-Resistant & Lightweight
    - Stackable for easy storage
    - Supports weight management
    - Dishwasher & Microwave safe

    Material: Porcelain

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Vimala Pasupathi
attractive and functional

I really appreciate these bowls (I bought two!) and they work well to slow down my little enthusiastic eater. As some say in other reviews, I do wish the troughs were just a little bit deeper to slow her down even more. But they are very pretty bowls and so much nicer than silicon slow-feeders (which our cat chewed holes in and has made them ). The only other thing I'd say is that I wish they weren't packaged in styrofoam and I hope in the future other material for packaging could be used to keep them secure and undamaged in shipping. Styrofoam is insidious! even though we handled it carefully and disposed of it immediately, we still found little bits of it stuck to ourselves and our cats' fur.

Katie Tisot

Very high quality! Great bowl, definitely helped my cats slow down eating a little, without worry of them biting off and swallowing any pieces of silicone like a typical slow feeder.


It works! Now my cat takes a lot longer to finish her meals. We are managing her weight as she was over eating before. And the bowl is beautiful . I think it will last long. It has a good weight. We tried other options (plastic, silicon mats, even the ceramic ones) but none of them worked as well. The food would get stuck in little pockets and dry up. The sizing was wrong. Very happy we found this one though!

Allison Miranda
Good Quality, but Shallow Waffle Bumps

This is a great quality dish and beautiful. The only thing I wish was different was that the waffle pattern was higher. To be effective for my cat who likes to scoop all the food in her mouth at once, we can only leave 1 layer of kibble, so half of the bowl's height goes unused. I wish the bumps went to the top.

Joanne Bower
Good results

These slow feeders keep my assertive female feline busy while my sweet male feline enjoys his full meal.

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