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Top 5 Cat Birthday Party Ideas for 2021

Your cat's birthday or anniversary adoption date is coming up. The big question is, how should you celebrate? Whether you want to go all out and throw a cat party, or take a simpler approach and do something nice your cat will appreciate, we've got some ideas that are sure to please your furbaby. 

1. Tuna Birthday Cake

This one is an absolute must. Cats love to eat. And when you include something special on the menu that includes fish and treats, your cat will surely indulge. Just be careful to keep the portions reasonable so your cat doesn't get sick. But remember, this is a treat! 

Buy a can of tuna (or salmon), scoop in onto a plate and sprinkle your cats favourite treats on top. And voila, you have a cake fit for a cat! 



2. Fun New Toys 

Cat's can easily tire of their toys. Birthdays are one of the best times to spoil your cat with a new toy. Whether homemade or store bought, sometimes all your cat needs is something new to stimulate their mind and excite their playfulness.

Toy Ideas:

  • Cat Teaser (its an all time favorite)
  • Catnip Toy
  • Springs (My cat goes crazy for these) 

3. Extra Pets and Pampering

All cats like to snuggle, whether with their human and/or in the comfort of a soft bed. Add a little extra one-on-one time to your cats day paired with an uber comfortable cat nest or cat cave bed.  Maybe a massage and a cozy nap is just the relax your cat needs.  


Noots getting pets from r/CatsEnjoyingPets

4. Decorate

Looking for something a little more elaborate? Say no more. Buy some birthday party decorations and get decorating. Ribbon and balloons look awesome but most importantly, your cat will have fun playing with them. Just keep an eye out to make sure your cat is staying safe! Deflated balloons and loose string can be a choking hazard. 


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Outtakes from Noots’s birthday party.

A post shared by Noots | Russian Blue Cat (@callmenoots) on


5. Birthday Boxes

Cats go crazy for boxes. If your an online shopper, save some boxes for your cats birthday and leave them lying around for the day. Guaranteed your cat will make some fun with them!  


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Noots guarding his castle 🏰

A post shared by Noots | Russian Blue Cat (@callmenoots) on



And there you have it, my top 5 ideas for an epic cat birthday party. Happy celebrating! 

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